Traci Ross

Traci Ross

Traci Ross is a veteran performer at the Kit Kat Lounge, entertaining our guests for over four years. Traci has been involved in the art of female impersonation for over 20 years, and has collected many titles over those years including, Ms. Jodi's International, Ms. Wisconsin Universe, Ms. Mystique National, Ms. Club 219, Best Female Impersonator 2001, Ms. Lady in Red, and many, many more. On any given night you can stop into the Kit Kat and see Traci as Anita Baker, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Natalie Cole, Jennifer Lopez, and many other icons. Traci has appeared on many local television shows representing the Kit Kat Lounge including Good Morning America, Check Please!, Fox News, and WTTW 11, for their televised benefit. To specifically see Traci Ross make sure you call ahead and find out what nights Traci will be performing, as they change weekly. You may also request Traci for your next Kit Kat dining experience.

With accolades from many publications throughout the nation, Kit Kat is very proud of its achievements since opening in 2000.

Kit Kat's nightly shows run every 20 minutes starting at 7.30pm through midnight. On Saturday nights the shows run every 20 minutes starting at 6pm through to 1am. The entertainers perform "tableside" throughout the restaurant, providing an interactive experience like none other. On Saturday nights, there is a 2 hour dining time limit.

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