Sunny Dee-Lite

Sunny Dee-lite

Sunny Dee-Lite is originally from Miami, Florida but currently resides in NYC. Like any good showqueen, she loves fashion and enjoys building her wardrobe with designer and one-of-a-kind pieces. She loves to travel and enjoys participating in beauty pageants around the world to spread her name, expand her culture and build her social circle! Sunny is known for her beauty but she revels in experimenting with her looks doing different characters and styles! Her shows are versatile and very unpredictable!

With accolades from many publications throughout the nation, Kit Kat is very proud of its achievements since opening in 2000.

Kit Kat's nightly shows run every 20 minutes starting at 7.30pm through midnight. On Saturday nights the shows run every 20 minutes starting at 6pm through to 1am. The entertainers perform "tableside" throughout the restaurant, providing an interactive experience like none other. On Saturday nights, there is a 2 hour dining time limit.

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